Friday, March 30, 2012

"Sew" Sweet Wedding Ideas

Growing up with my mom owning a quilt shop and now working for Moda myself I really want to add a sewing touch to our wedding. 

Here are a few fun ideas I have found.. 

Engagements pics incorporating a quilt!

Wedding invites in a fabric sleeve

Sew-in-Love Banner (absolutely love this!) 

Have guests sign our wedding "quilt" instead of wedding book and then make the quilt post wedding. 

A few sweet embroidery hoops... of course it will be Sarah & Steven...
I promise, I don't even know who Charlie is! ; ) 

Anyone have anymore fun ideas? 

He Proposed!

On Monday March 19th, my sweet Steven proposed! : ) 
Full story to come when I have chance to breath! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sew Your Own

Adorable print found on Etsy.
Someone please tell me I don't need this! 
I have got to stop spending money! 

Liv has arrived!

This is a little late but well worth the wait! ;) 

 Liv Monroe! 
Born February 24th at 10:14 pm, she was 5lbs and 18 inches long! 
We have prayed so much for this sweet baby girl and are so thankful to the Lord that she is finally here! And she is absolutely perfect!