Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ocean Onesie Party SALE!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Caring for Your Quilts

People often want to know how to care for their quilts. 
I, myself, rarely ever wash my quilts but when I do I just make 
sure to treat them delicately. 
Here are a few tips on how I suggest washing & caring for 
your Wedding Quilt or any quilt for that matter! :) 

If you have found other great ways of caring for 
your quilts I would love to hear them! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Brooke's Big Day

Let me introduce you to the most adorable couple with perhaps the most adorable names... 
This is Brooke & Brenton.  
I had the honor and great joy of making Brooke & Brenton's Wedding Quilt this year. 
Brooke was an absolute delight to get to know and work with so I 
have asked her to share a bit about herself and her BIG DAY with us! 

  And can I just say, 
before we get started, that the FIVE Bridal Cakes just put this wedding 
OVER THE TOP in my book! Absolutely to die for Gorgeous!  
Brooke & Brenton were married on May 11, 2013 at the lovely 
Ashton Gardens in Corinth, TX.
Brenton and I went to elementary school together and had the same teachers in 3rd grade. Then in 4th grade a new elementary school opened in Brenton's neighborhood and we didn't see each other again until a random party in highschool 7-8 years later. We exchanged AOL Instant Messenger handles... this was before the time of text messaging and email addresses. Our mother's have known each other for years from church and our father's worked out of the same office building in Dallas. We even ran into Brenton's parents once in Cancun on a business trip. The stars were lining up before we even realized it. After highschool, Brenton went off to A&M and I went to TCU. 

We didn't see each other or even speak again until after college when we both ended up back in our home towns of McKinney, TX. We had mutual friends at the time and ended up at the same bar in Downtown playing a friendly/flirty game of darts. We hit it off but I wasn't quite sure. He asked me on a few dates and then after being put off he got frustrated and stopped coming around. That's when I realized I missed him around and agreed to go on a date. That date was on March 19, 2007 and he took me to a Stars game. A little over 4 years later, in July 2012, he proposed marriage with just about the most perfect ring I'd ever seen.

Our wedding day was picturesque. There were no major surprises but even if there were, we wouldn't have noticed them. We were so awestruck by seeing how everything came together. 

The food was amazing, pictures to die for and every detail was so special to us. My mother was irreplaceable during the planning process. She pulled the trigger on things I couldn't do myself and I'm so grateful for it. She was the brains behind the giant monogram we painted the perfect shade of coral and hung on the windows at the back of the room. It was stunning. 

We couldn't commit to one cake design so we had 5 bridal cakes. Each in a complementary shade and shabby chic design. They each featured a different flavor so guests could enjoy choices. 

The grooms cake was a replica of his treasured Aggie ring and it was amazing.

I focused a lot on incorporating older traditions but also renovating some of them to really capture our unique desires. I know I would probably rarely pull out a guest book to look at it and thought it was somewhat impersonal. I wanted to find something that gave people an opportunity to be significant if they wanted to.

 I spent a good hour a day on Etsy looking for ideas for our wedding. I found Sarah by searching for local vendors/artists and instantly fell in love with the quilt. I emailed it to my Mom and all I put in the subject was "Oh em gee." 

I knew it was out of our budget but Mom offered to get it anyway, I agreed but only if I split the cost with her. It was so worth it. I love spreading it on the ground every once in a while and reading what everyone had written. 

I even saved it to get a few people who weren't able to attend to sign it. We danced our first dance to Elton John's "Your Song" and I have written the lyrics in some of the empty squares. I've also transcribed some of our favorite parts of our ceremony and our vows. We had 181 guests at our wedding and still had plenty of room to fill in squares with significant tid-bits. I am so excited to have such a wonderful relic to hand down to our children and grandchildren.

Hands down, our favorite part of the night was probably the final song the DJ played. 
It wasn't necessarily the song that made our night but it was what happened in those final moments. We were joined by all of our favorite people in a sing along/group dance that we couldn't have planned even if we tried.
Every gorgeous photo shown is compliments of Tucker Images
To see more from Brooke & Brenton's Wedding click here. 
Venue: Ashton Gardens
Cakes: A Cake in a Treetop
Monogram: A Paper Affair
Invitations: The Paper Lion
Makeup: Ah Makeup Artistry
Hair: Jaime Lee Salons
Bridesmaids Dresses: B2 by Jasmine
Gown: Essence of Australia
Grooms and Groomsmen Attire: Calvin Klein
Floral Designs: Antebellum Design
Photography: Tucker Images
Cakes: A Cake in a Treetop
What was your favorite part of your Wedding Day?

Friday, July 5, 2013

NEW Baby Quilts!

 First comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE, then comes...
the BABY with her new Baby Quilt!

I have been having so much fun making Wedding Quilts that 
I have decided to start offering Baby Quilts as well!

This will be my first baby quilt with many more to come. 
Don't worry, I will be offering a boy quilt soon! ;) 
This sweet quilt is custom made with love for that precious baby girl in your life! 
The cheerful colors in this quilt are sure be a loved by little girls and grown-up girls alike. :) 

The fabric is, of course, Moda Fabrics, which is only the 
BEST and the highest quality cotton. :) 

I will make this quilt especially for you with your favorite colors in mind for the child's name and the binding. I will machine piece your quilt and then applique the name down. Your quilt will then be professionally quilted with an overall heart and loop design(fourth picture shows quilting design). I will then bind the quilt by hand and it will be ready to come keep your little one warm for many, many years! 

The quilt is 45" x 60" which is Crib Size. 
Available in 3 color choices:
1. Marmalade w/ Aqua & Pink 
2. Marmalade w/ Aqua & Yellow
3. Scrumptious w/ Aqua & Red (Pre-Order January Delivery)