Sunday, January 30, 2011

DIY Vintage Chalkboard Frames

I have seen these gorgeous vintage chalkboard frames at some of my favorite coffee shops and have been dying to make one. I really want a BIG one! Like poster size. But I, of course, couldn't find one this weekend. Why is it that once you finally attempt to do something, you can't find the stuff to do to it?!
Anyway, my mind was made up that I WAS making one of these frames THIS weekend. So I settled for smaller frames (for now!). I found this gorgeous one at ROSS for only $7! The others I found at Hobby Lobby & TJ Max.
I picked up my supplies at Home Depot.

*Chalk Board Paint - $10
*Magnetic Paint- $20! Yikes! But it will last FOREVER, I only used like 1/1000 of the can.
*2 Foam Roller Paint Brushes- $4

Paint 3 Coats of the Magnetic Paint on the glass from the picture frame. Wait 30 minutes between each coat. OR cheat like me and pull out your hair dryer and only wait 3 minutes! : )
Call me impatient!


Paint 3 Coats of the Chalk Board Paint. Same rules apply... seriously, get your hair dryer or you'll be doing this ALL day!


Put that glass back in its frame and write away! How easy was that?

Look how cute they are!
Sooo, what's for lunch?

And don't forget the MAGNETS!

I even made these buttons with my favorite new gadget from work- the i-TOP button/magnet maker! I used the METRO fabric line from Oliver + S for Moda. It will be available in APRIL! Soo soo cute!

Here is a little how to video on the button/magnet maker...

Don't you love these cute frames? I can think of a dozen uses for them.
What would you do with yours?

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