Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I Couldn't be more thrilled that my best friend, Jessica, is expecting her second child in just about a month!

And this time it's a BOY!

You may remember we had a super fun onesie shower for her when she was expecting Liv.

Well as much fun as that was I knew I wanted to make something for the BIG SIS and soon to be LIL BRO. :)

Jessica wanted a few family pics taken before little Landry arrives so I got to make their goodies and give them to them at the lake. I decided to make Liv a little jacket to wear at the hospital when Landry is born. (read below for how to make your own!)

The pictures turned out so cute and Liv loved her jacket!

I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to see this sweet girl hugging her brother-to-be. Seeing how precious they are you would never know the hard road they have been down to get here.
Jessica has the most touching story of her struggles with pregnancy and miscarriage that I hope you will read. It will truly bless you. Click here for her story.

I made these little onesies for Landry!

They are SO easy to make. They are just iron on transfers! (click here for how to make these)

They are just too precious!

Make sure to check out my blog post on the Moda Cutting Table to see how to make outfits for your little ones and download the FREE PDFs!

I also have more fun designs over at my Etsy shop...