Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ocean Onesie PARTY

With all of this yucky heat lately I decided to stay indoors and add some 
fun new summer onesie designs to the Ocean Onesie Party! 
I included alot of gender neutral designs in this set so this set will 
now be great for a girl or boy party!  

With the addition of these new designs I also added a cute new BOY party sign.

This is the girl sign... 

Your onesie party will include 20 designs and 20 templates along with the complete step-by-step instructions & supply list to throw your own Onesie Party. 

Above is a sample design & template. 

The Ocean Set is also now available as a KIT
The Kit will include a Layer Cake of Kate Spain's Honey Honey fabric line along with Stem-A-Seam Lite & the Onesie Party.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

NEW Wedding Chalkboard Signs

I wanted to introduce you to some of the new 
Wedding Chalkboard Signs I have added to my collections! 
I love weddings so much and find it such a blessing from God to be able to be a small part of someone's Big Day. Even by just having my chalkboard at their event.  :) 
So here they are... The Newbies! 

I hope you like the new designs and remember, I am ALWAYS happy to make a custom design just for you! Just message me and we will get creative together! :)

Happy Wedding Planning Y'all!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hillsong United

We got to go to the Hillsong United concert last night and it was one of the 
most awesome nights of worship I have experienced. 

We waited in a long line just to get to the doors and while we were standing there Steven said to me, 
"Isn't it cool that we will be worshiping God in heaven with all of these people one day?" 
I am so glad he said that because it set my mind on eternity for the 
whole rest of the evening. 
Such an incredibly beautiful experience. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Quilts on a Line

I found this lovely photo on the Rusty Hinge blog and found myself daydreaming...

What is it that makes quilts strung out on a line so very magical? 

This truly would be my perfect summer day... 

Resting in that beautiful hammock with a book by Francine Rivers ('Redeeming Love' I'm sure!), 
with some John Mayer playing in the background while sipping some of my favorite new tea.   

Alas, I work on in my little office.

What is your perfect summer day? 

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Wedding Quilt

My husband and I got married September 1st, 2012 and decided we wanted to have
a guest quilt rather than a guest book. My mom owned a quilt shop for 18 years and taught me how to sew when I was a little girl, so quilts hold a very special place in my heart.
At first I was going to have guests just sign blocks and then sew them into a quilt after the wedding.
But then... my boss showed me this most wonderful thing ever!
The Wedding Quilt! She had made this quilt for a friend's wedding and I knew it was exactly what I wanted.
The fabric is designed by a fabulous designer from the company I work for, Moda Fabrics, and is absolutely the PERFECT wedding fabric with sweet phrases like "LOVE", "You & Me", "Capture the Moment" & "Faith" printed on it mingled in with plenty of blank frames for your guests signatures. 
We displayed it at the entrance of our wedding venue so guests 
signed it as they showed up. 

Our Wedding Quilt brought so much warmth to our 
wedding and now to our home... 
My husband & I just love curling up on the couch and reading our loved one's sweet words & wishes. 
And we look forward to one day being able to pass it along to our kids! 

Because we love our quilt so much I have decided to start make them for other people as well. 
It would be an absolute honor for me to get to be a part of your Special Day by making your Wedding Quilt.
I would LOVE to know more about you and your wedding! 
 If you are interested please check out my ETSY shop

When ordering your Wedding Quilt you will have a few options. I know how overwhelming it can be to make decisions when planning your wedding so I have kept your choices as few as possible! ;) 

The quilt is 70" x 82" (around full size) and has 80 blank spaces for your guests to sign.  

#1. QUILT TOP Color Ways...

This is the Vintage Red & White Color Way... 

This is the Vintage Blue & White Color Way... 

This is the Vintage Blue & Chocolate Color Way... 

#2. Backing Colors...

You can choose which color your and your fiance like best for the backing and I will 
find a fabric in that color that coordinates with the top colors. OR if you don't care, I can pick this for you. See, one less choice already!

Here is what we chose for our backing to give you an idea of how it looks. 

#3. The COMPLETE Wedding Quilt Package

You can purchase the complete Wedding Quilt package as well 
which includes the quilt along with 6 Pigma Pens for guests to sign your quilt and 
an 11"x14" "Please Sign Our Wedding Quilt" Chalkboard. 

 This gorgeous frame is perfect for a wedding photo after your big day! 
I include the glass to replace after the wedding. ;) 

If you choose option #3...
You can choose the color of Pigma Pens you would like your guests to sign with.
I suggest Pigma Pens because they are designed specifically for signing on fabric and will not rinse away when you wash your quilt. (please read quilt care instructions before washing) 

Pen colors: Sepia (most popular), brown or black. 
Sepia will give it a softer more vintage look but still be readable. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013


I would just like to take a moment to say that this is THE-BEST-SUMMER-TEA I have EVER had. Go buy some. Drink it. Sigh... Thank me later. 
Ps- I got it for a whole quarter cheaper at World Market than Central Market. ;) 

Suggestion: Make a pitcher of this tea at work and you will feel like you are getting to enjoy summer despite being inside all day. AND you will be the most popular person in the office, which is always a WIN.

How do you make the most of your summers 
while still having a job??

Friday, June 7, 2013

Beautiful Quilt Displays

Quilts bring so much warmth and love to a home and it is so
 important that they not be hidden away. 
They should be shown off and displayed in such a way that 
everyone can feel the love that they represent. 
I have found so many beautiful ways to display them that I would have a hard time choosing one. 

For the shabby chic lover, you simply cannot beat this antique blue re-purposed cabinet. 

This antique white cabinet is so soft and 

This antique barn red makes these quilts pop. 

Sweet for a bedroom or entryway. 

Love how this black shows off these striking quilts. 

Gorgeous with all that wood. Love the chicken wire instead of glass. 

Absolutely stunning cabinet commands attention. 

Can you not just feel the warmth these quilts bring to this room? 

And I will always love quilts displayed on a ladder.  

WOW. This will definitely get your attention. 

How do you display quilts in your home?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

You Hexy Little Thing

If you haven't noticed yet, Hexagons are everywhere!

I think I first fell for them when I saw this Sexy Hexy "Love" Quilt from Amy Butler a while back...
It is actually a FREE pattern you can download here!

Hexagons just make the happiest quilts...  

and a few vintage quilts (because I LOVE vintage quilts!)

I found this cute Double Hexagon pillow on Pinterest and the girl who 
designed it has a fantastic tutorial on how to make it... 
 She uses 1 1/2" strips so you could save some time by using a Moda HoneyBun
OR make it a bit bigger with a JellyRoll.

 Now that Moda has the new Honeycomb precuts I think I just may have to make something!

Here is a quilt designed by ModaLissa using the new Honeycombs.
I love the simplicity.

And here is a free pattern for it.

Here is a little video where Lissa explains how
easy it is to make a quilt with them... 

And one more lovely quilt with a free pattern on the Moda Bake Shop...

Have you made any projects with Hexagons?