Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Greatest Adventure...

Only 2 1/2 weeks til D day! How can 9 months possibly go by so fast?
We have been frantically working to get this house ready for baby boy and I just have to share a few photos of the wooden sign we did for his nursery! When we found out we were having a boy we were both completely SHOCKED! We all thought it was a girl. So with it being a boy, we truly knew he would be our Greatest Adventure and gift from God.

Our prayer is that this sweet boy of ours will love the Lord with all of his heart from an early age. We pray that he will live a life of wonderful adventure as he follows hard after Him.  :) There is nothing more valuable in this life than knowing and loving the One who died to save us.

 More photos to come when it is more complete. :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Danielle & Michael...Biltmore Bliss

Danielle & Michael got married in the what has to be one of the most enchanting locations 
I have ever seen, The Biltmore Estate.  

I will turn it over to Danielle and let her share her magical day with you... 

Michael and I met over a summer session at Virginia Tech at the milk station in D2! It happened to specifically be whole milk, and we met because no one else was ever in the line for that type! Lucky me.

Our wedding was June 28th, 2014 at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.

The day definitely had it's unexpected turns! Such as a flash pour before our first look, and the movement of our ceremony in the Gardens to inside of the Conservatory. 
Biltmore's staff handled this flawlessly all without our aid! It made for wonderful lighting in our pictures.

My advice to other brides is to feel free to splurge on what you really want when it comes to your day!
 If you're hesitant there's a good reason for it! 

Do what you and your future spouse dream of. 
If you can't, make it the best day together anyways! Getting married is the true beauty of it all. 
So rain or shine, big budget or no budget, this day is yours. Rock it!

My favorite part of our big day involved food! Since we had a smaller and intimate ceremony, 
we were able to relax with our families and chow down! 

The meal included the non-typical Biltmore setting of Salad, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Corn on the Cob, Baked Beans, Cornbread, and Buttermilk biscuits with Honey & Blackberry preserves. Delicious! 

Our toast was with a freshly baked warm chocolate chip cookie, and ice cold whole milk of course in vintage bottles! 

The cake, oh my. 
The cake was a lemon cake layered with blackberry preserves and buttercream frosting. Needless to say, we're foodies. 

We're really enjoying being married, but not much seems to have changed! The stress from wedding planning is definitely gone, our Disneymoon helped us escape from that and let loose! We're a pretty goofy couple, so we enjoy spending time with one another no matter the scene. 

The Dress: I actually won this dress from Celebration Bridal out of Lynchburg, VA. 

I was given 2,000 towards any gown, and the Maggie Sottero Divina was screaming at me. I ordered it in blush without hesitating or even seeing it. After some customizations thanks to The Gilded Thimble, the dress was fabulously fit for me! 

The Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Flowers: The Flower Gallery of Asheville, NC

Decor: Me, Myself, and I! This vision was brought together by literally living in a dream world. Sashes from the chairs were from Wildflower Linens. Programs, Menu's, Name Cards, Invitations, Guest Book and Suitcase were from ShabbyScrap on Etsy. 

Happily Ever After Chalkboard SIgn: BeauTiedAffair

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


49 Days to Go! Little Fella is the size of a PINEAPPLE! And oh so sweet too! :) 
Love this little guy so much already. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I Couldn't be more thrilled that my best friend, Jessica, is expecting her second child in just about a month!

And this time it's a BOY!

You may remember we had a super fun onesie shower for her when she was expecting Liv.

Well as much fun as that was I knew I wanted to make something for the BIG SIS and soon to be LIL BRO. :)

Jessica wanted a few family pics taken before little Landry arrives so I got to make their goodies and give them to them at the lake. I decided to make Liv a little jacket to wear at the hospital when Landry is born. (read below for how to make your own!)

The pictures turned out so cute and Liv loved her jacket!

I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to see this sweet girl hugging her brother-to-be. Seeing how precious they are you would never know the hard road they have been down to get here.
Jessica has the most touching story of her struggles with pregnancy and miscarriage that I hope you will read. It will truly bless you. Click here for her story.

I made these little onesies for Landry!

They are SO easy to make. They are just iron on transfers! (click here for how to make these)

They are just too precious!

Make sure to check out my blog post on the Moda Cutting Table to see how to make outfits for your little ones and download the FREE PDFs!

I also have more fun designs over at my Etsy shop...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

California Dream Wedding

I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite weddings. 
Jenny was actually the very first bride to purchase one of my wedding quilts. 
It was a complete joy to get to make it for her and it means so much 
to get to see it at her gorgeous wedding. 

I have asked Jenny to share some of her story and the details 
of her California wedding with us and here she is...

 Darren and I met ten years ago while playing volleyball which is no surprise for anyone who knows us. Here's how the story goes: I found this random guy on Craigslist (not Darren) who was looking for volleyball friends, so being the young, naive dummy that I was, I met up with this stranger at KFC in San Francisco, jumped in his car, and off we went to explore all the open gyms in the peninsula. 

How dumb was I to meet up with a random stranger and get in his car? If it weren't for my blind faith in the kindness of strangers and the fact that that craigslist guy was genuinely nice and just looking for friends with common interests, I never would have met Darren, and we wouldn't be where we are today. The rest is history! :)

Our wedding was April 6th, 2013
The ceremony was at Allied Arts Guild (Menlo Park, CA)
and the reception was at MacArthur Park Restaurant (Palo Alto, CA)

Everything was perfect!! Our wedding was very DIY; we designed and made (almost) everything ourselves and had day-of wedding coordinators to carry out our vision on the day of the wedding. I'm pretty sure that I found the best vendors ever, but the person who helped the most is my sister, who conveniently is a graphic designer. 

She was amazing and helped me carry out so many little details 
that made our wedding special: 
our invitations, table numbers, menus, signage, 
and even little things like striped paper straws with festive flags.

I've always loved quilts and have always wanted to learn how to make one. 
I really wanted our guest book to be unique and fell in love with pictures of quilt 
"guestbooks" on pinterest. And thus began the search for the perfect quilt! 

I instantly fell in love with Sarah's quilts because of the cute quotes and graphics 
in the fabrics that she uses. I also loved how the quilt had specialized spaces 
for our guests to write their messages, 
and the heart-shaped stitching was an added plus!

Admittedly, the quilt cost much more than buying a regular guestbook, 
but this quilt means so much more and was completely worth it!

The dress was my mom's, and there's a whole story behind how I decided to wear it. When Darren and I got engaged, I instantly became obsessed with wedding shows like Say Yes to the Dress. I decided to check out TLC's website and discovered a new show called Something Borrowed Something New. I applied and actually got picked for the show!! I still can't believe that we were on TV. The basic premise of the show is that the producers take your mom's dress and a designer remakes it into your dream dress (i.e., your "something borrowed). But that's not all! To add a twist to the show, they also have an expert stylist take you shopping for the perfect "something new", and at the end of the show, you have to pick which dress you like better.

In my case, my mom's dress was sentimental winner all along but was never exactly what I pictured myself wearing on my wedding day. My mom and dad got married while they were in graduate school in the US. Their parents were still in China and couldn't get visas to come for the wedding, so my mom's mom designed my mom's wedding dress with the help of mom's friends and had the dress made in China. Then they shipped it out to the US for the wedding. How could I not love this dress?!

So the designer on the show improved the dress so much and updated it (got rid of the "priest collar" as they called it on the show, i.e., high neckline, and the lacy sleeves). However, after I brought the dress home, I still felt kind of frumpy in it, so I took it to a dress guru in Alameda, CA who beautifully transformed the dress for our big day. 

Flowers? Julie Martin (
Photographer? Jamie Grenough (LOVED HER!
D├ęcor/graphic designer: Lucinda Yang (
Dress alterations: Janene's Bridal Boutique (
Wedding planners: Irene Amido and Carol Chen of Petite Pomme Designs,
Bakery: Sweet Tooth Confections, Rachael Myers (