Friday, June 7, 2013

Beautiful Quilt Displays

Quilts bring so much warmth and love to a home and it is so
 important that they not be hidden away. 
They should be shown off and displayed in such a way that 
everyone can feel the love that they represent. 
I have found so many beautiful ways to display them that I would have a hard time choosing one. 

For the shabby chic lover, you simply cannot beat this antique blue re-purposed cabinet. 

This antique white cabinet is so soft and 

This antique barn red makes these quilts pop. 

Sweet for a bedroom or entryway. 

Love how this black shows off these striking quilts. 

Gorgeous with all that wood. Love the chicken wire instead of glass. 

Absolutely stunning cabinet commands attention. 

Can you not just feel the warmth these quilts bring to this room? 

And I will always love quilts displayed on a ladder.  

WOW. This will definitely get your attention. 

How do you display quilts in your home?


  1. When my father-in-law made my shelving unit for my sewing room (which is our old den so it's open to anyone who walks in the house) I had him make the bottom two shelves wider so I can keep folded quilts on them. I also keep some on ladder racks in my sewing room and my bedroom and there are always quilts on my bed or folded at the foot of the bed during summer months.

  2. I let them languish on the sofas, for one. I also have them on the beds, and store folded quilts in the baby crib since the grandchildren have outgrown it now but we want to keep it for sentimental reasons.