Friday, November 1, 2013

Creative Spaces

I think we all have a DREAM Studio in our hearts!
I am the queen of indecision and therefore would have a terrible time 
actually deciding how to decorate my own sewing studio. 
Which isn't a problem at the time seeing as though I am in a 2 bedroom 
apartment where my "Sewing Studio" doubles as a second bedroom.

So for now, I will just drool over these awesomely inspiring spaces...

This is Heather Bailey's Studio. UNbelievably Cute.

And of course, Camille Roskelley's space is a close second in my book! 
But how could it not with all those YUMMY fabrics?

I really like how tidy this space is. And the colors just inspire creativity. 

I can just smell the wood in this room. So crisp and clean. 
The shelving in this space would be a dream. 

Soft and sweet. I love the color palette but I'm not sure I could attain 
this with as quickly as my taste changes with color. But it certainly is lovely. 

I love the cheerful energizing feel of this creative space.

Calm and soothing. As the signs say, RELAX. I just love this space. 

Why hello there, secret storage in the closet. Simply genius.

Somehow Shabby Chic always finds a way to melt my heart. I just love this french country-side feel. 
I just know I could look out that window and see the Eiffel Tower. 

What would be a must have in your Dream Studio?