Monday, March 28, 2011


Wow, has it been a crazy last few weeks. I have been busy with weddings and birthdays and just happy stuff! But this week I got the chance to make some of these fun decorative embroidery hoops.

Here are a few highlights from the wedding day before we get down to the fabric.

 One of my best friends Megan married her handsome man, Urs Schmidt, on March 18th in Galveston TX(our hometown)! WooHoo! Doesn't she look beautiful?!
And was the wedding ever fun!!! Megan went to law school in New Orleans so the wedding had a New Orleans theme. Jazz Band and all! So much fun!
Here we are with Mimosas in hand glaming up for the wedding.
P.S- When given the option to get your hair done for a wedding vs do it yourself, ALWAYS get it done!
Big mistake on my part- I blame the Target rollers though. I should have stuck with my dear friend, the curling iron! ; )

This was the Incredibly Amazing Jazz Band that had everyone shakin' it all night long!

Since the wedding fever has calmed a bit I finally got a chance to do something a little creative. Well, not SO creative since I found the inspiration on THIS awesome blog!
But hey, it was still so much fun and you should definitely try it.

 They were very quick and easy to make and they will really brighten up your sewing room!

I got most of my tools here at work and a few others from Hobby Lobby.
From Hobby Lobby...
  • Acrylic Paints & a few brushes
  • Ribbons & other fun trims (like cords & laces)
  • Flowers, Cross or any other embellishment
  • Glue Gun
I loved Gussy's idea of painting the Sewing Machine! Isn't that so cute?
When I have more time I am going to go back and embroider around some of these guys.

Finally, I made this guy last night for one of my friends birthdays. She loves sewing and loves sunflowers.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Now what will you paint on yours and who is special enough to get one? : )

Have a happy day!

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