Monday, June 10, 2013

The Wedding Quilt

My husband and I got married September 1st, 2012 and decided we wanted to have
a guest quilt rather than a guest book. My mom owned a quilt shop for 18 years and taught me how to sew when I was a little girl, so quilts hold a very special place in my heart.
At first I was going to have guests just sign blocks and then sew them into a quilt after the wedding.
But then... my boss showed me this most wonderful thing ever!
The Wedding Quilt! She had made this quilt for a friend's wedding and I knew it was exactly what I wanted.
The fabric is designed by a fabulous designer from the company I work for, Moda Fabrics, and is absolutely the PERFECT wedding fabric with sweet phrases like "LOVE", "You & Me", "Capture the Moment" & "Faith" printed on it mingled in with plenty of blank frames for your guests signatures. 
We displayed it at the entrance of our wedding venue so guests 
signed it as they showed up. 

Our Wedding Quilt brought so much warmth to our 
wedding and now to our home... 
My husband & I just love curling up on the couch and reading our loved one's sweet words & wishes. 
And we look forward to one day being able to pass it along to our kids! 

Because we love our quilt so much I have decided to start make them for other people as well. 
It would be an absolute honor for me to get to be a part of your Special Day by making your Wedding Quilt.
I would LOVE to know more about you and your wedding! 
 If you are interested please check out my ETSY shop

When ordering your Wedding Quilt you will have a few options. I know how overwhelming it can be to make decisions when planning your wedding so I have kept your choices as few as possible! ;) 

The quilt is 70" x 82" (around full size) and has 80 blank spaces for your guests to sign.  

#1. QUILT TOP Color Ways...

This is the Vintage Red & White Color Way... 

This is the Vintage Blue & White Color Way... 

This is the Vintage Blue & Chocolate Color Way... 

#2. Backing Colors...

You can choose which color your and your fiance like best for the backing and I will 
find a fabric in that color that coordinates with the top colors. OR if you don't care, I can pick this for you. See, one less choice already!

Here is what we chose for our backing to give you an idea of how it looks. 

#3. The COMPLETE Wedding Quilt Package

You can purchase the complete Wedding Quilt package as well 
which includes the quilt along with 6 Pigma Pens for guests to sign your quilt and 
an 11"x14" "Please Sign Our Wedding Quilt" Chalkboard. 

 This gorgeous frame is perfect for a wedding photo after your big day! 
I include the glass to replace after the wedding. ;) 

If you choose option #3...
You can choose the color of Pigma Pens you would like your guests to sign with.
I suggest Pigma Pens because they are designed specifically for signing on fabric and will not rinse away when you wash your quilt. (please read quilt care instructions before washing) 

Pen colors: Sepia (most popular), brown or black. 
Sepia will give it a softer more vintage look but still be readable. 

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