Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You Gotta Start Somewhere...

Sooo, I just recently moved into a new house which has been great! I absolutely love it! Two sweet new roommates, 3 adorable dogs and half the rent of my previous apartment!

Prior to the move in I was very curious and perhaps a little concerned as to how we would all get along seeing as though I hadn’t so much as spoken to these girls until about 2 months before move in! How I ended up in this house was absolutely an act of God. Funny story, ask me later. So anyway, I was a little nervous about moving in with these two girls that I really knew nothing about. To ease my nerves a bit I asked the girls if we could all go to church and hang out together one day before the move in. Normal enough way to get acquainted I thought. They both agreed and we decided upon a weekend. So, I show up at the house before church that morning (they currently lived in the house and I would be filling an empty room) and much to my surprise my future roommate answers the door in nothing but her bra and undies! Wow…umm…"Hi, nice to meet you!” Ha! She finished getting dressed and we all went to church and had a fun time getting to know each other.

Ok, so things went well after the bra and undies encounter but I still knew it would be an adventure moving in with people I didn't know and who all had different styles.

All of this to tell you about... our kitchen. I love our kitchen. I love our whole house actually. But at first, I will say, I was not too fond of the tablecloth that decked our very retro table. The tablecloth is, ummm... Bright Yellow! Which would normally not be a big deal (not too big anyway) but this yellow just doesn't go with anything in our house! It stands out like a sore thumb! How am I going to trade out this tablecloth for a more appropriate one, I thought?!

So, being the incredibly sweet, loveable, easy to get along with girl that I am, I decided to breathe for a minute and reevaluate. You know, it really isn’t that bad I thought. We could dress it up a bit…somehow. Well, it’s been a month of living with the tablecloth and I actually really like the dang thing now! It did still need a little oomph though so when I saw this precious napkin pattern at work I decided to take the leap and try to make some myself! I mean, you gotta start somewhere right?

The pattern called for something like a 20"x20" piece of fabric. Well, I didn't exactly have that. BUT I did have a layer cake of my favorite new Central Park fabric by Kate Spain which happened to match my retro Bright Yellow tablecloth Perfectly.

I know, I know. A layer cake is not exactly 20"x 20". More like half of that. But hey, who needs such a large napkin?

I began following the template and all was going well. I was so excited about my new napkins. I kept sewing as the pattern instructed and suddenly I realized something was very wrong. My napkin was now the size of a COASTER! : (

VALUABLE LESSON LEARNED #1: Follow ALL directions!

Thank goodness, I had plenty of fabric left in my Layer Cake because I was determined I was gonna have a stinkin' napkin before the nights end!

The next part was simple...

I took my favorite 2 fabrics turned them wrong sides together and then stitched along all the edges! Voila! I had myself a NAPKIN!

VALUABLE LESSON LEARNED #2: Always make the best of whatcha got!

I did get a little creative and embroidered mine and my roommate's names on each of our napkins! How fun are we with our Bright Yellow tablecloth and matching embroidered napkins? They may be a little ghetto but hey, we like them!
I think next time I will go for the full yardage required on the pattern. I should perhaps also never sew alone again. : /


  1. YAY for your first post!! So glad it's working out with your roomies :) Your napkins are so cute! xo

  2. Sarah,

    That is so great. Your post is great also but I mean you starting a blog! you go girl!