Monday, January 10, 2011

Cold day, warm soul

I know that most of the world is used to this cold weather thing but hey, I'm from Texas!
21 degrees is way too cold for this little lady!

My co worker is from Alaska and is therefore in heaven with this weather. I will admit I do enjoy the cold snowy weather when I am curled up in bed under my favorite quilt with a nice cup of coffee and a good book. My favorite quilt is one that my beautiful mom made for me before I was born. It is pink and blue with a big Sunbonnet Sue on it. It is so worn that it has holes in it… it is perfect! Somehow the softness of the quilt kindles sweet memories of being a little girl and my mom wrapping me up in it and telling me stories before bed.

Well since my quilt, bed and book are out of the question here at work I have prepared this delightful little cup of joy to warm my soul this morning! What warms YOU up on cold dreary days like today?

Oh! And here is a little weekend recap...

Gorgeous sunset on Friday night right before my beloved Aggies lost the Cotton Bowl, for the 5th time. Hey at least you can always count on them to be consistent.

Saturday was a fun night of Spaghetti making and game playing with roomies and friends!

And for a beautiful end to the weekend, SNOW! I was sitting in church on Sunday when I first saw the little flurries falling outside the windows.

After church my friend Steven and I headed out to play in our one day Winter Wonderland!

What a fun weekend! Now, back to work.

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