Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Real Housewives

Ok, so I may not be a wife... much less live on a FARM but I am determined to make this darn quilt.
Can I just be real honest here for a minute? When my boss Moda Lissa and I first started getting interested in joining the modern Farmer's Wife bandwagon I was reallly excited. Why was I so excited? Because I saw the progress of the amazing girls who have already completed several fabulous blocks. For instance...

the adorable Camille Roskelly of Thimble Blossoms

And Amanda

Aren't they adorable? Ok, so I am sure you can now see why I was so anxious to become a fellow Farmer's Wife.
Welllll I will tell you I am feeling a wee bit anxious today since my friend Michele told me the shocking news. There are duhn duhn duhn... 111 BLOCKS in the whole quilt!!!! WHAT?! What have I done? I am known for picking projects that can be completed within say... a day! Just call me, "Instant Gratification!" 

So, I admit I had a tiny nervous break down between the hours of 10am and um, well, now. But I have come to terms with the fact that I will be entering a new season of life called patience and perseverance.
I hope you will join me as I not only learn new quilting techniques (OH, did I mention I am a BEGINNER quilter?... 111 blocks!... Beginner!) but also alot of life lessons. Encouragement and Prayer (lots of prayer) is all I can ask for. 

Thanks for tuning in to what may be the death of me. : ) 

Here we go,

Sarah "soon to be Farmer's Wife" Stephenson 


  1. You can do it- Good luck!
    I started out using templates for a 1st test block - and failed. Miserable. No consistant 1/4 inch. Now I am doing all blocks with paper piecing. Much better! And a new adventures in PP for me as well.

  2. You will learn so much and be a pro by the time you are finished!

  3. You'll make an excellent bride, I'm sure. I can't wait to see your blocks!!

  4. I'm so silly! I should use my (huge) collection of charm packs. I'll be each block could be a different fabric line! Don't worry about the marriage thing. I met my husband on a blind date (we did chat on the phone beforehand) and we'll been together ever since. I'll have to tell you how he proposed another time...