Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chalk it up

In preparing for the wedding I knew I wanted to have chalkboard signs around the venue. 
I don't know what the allure is about them but I have loved them since seeing them hung in my favorite little coffee shops all through college. 

After making so many for the wedding I found how much I truly enjoy making them. I think it is the fact that you have to stop looking at the internet, put down your cell phone and just create. 
Growing up I took all kinds of art classes but somewhere along the way I fell away from it.

It is so easy to get caught up in things that truly don't matter and forget to just stop and enjoy life.

For me art is a beautiful way to enjoy life. 
I can see God in it as well. He created everything. 
And we were made in His image, so it is only natural that we would also create. 

Since the wedding is over I have decided to continue in creating chalkboard signs. 
This is a way not only to bring in a little extra money, but also to bring glory to God through a gift and passion He has given me. 

I just recently opened my Etsy shop but I will be adding many more Chalkboard signs to it as quickly as I can get them done. 
Here is my latest one for this Christmas season. 

I have also made it available as a downloadable print that you can frame yourself. 

Please visit my Etsy shop to see all of my designs like the Holly Jolly one below. 
A sweet new friend, Mandy requested this one to be made custom for her Christmas card photos & as a decoration for home. Her cards turned out soo cute didn't they!?!  

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