Thursday, February 14, 2013

Southern Grace

Since it is Valentine's Day and my handsome hubby and I are delaying our celebration to this weekend, I decided to celebrate someone else who is very special to me today. 

And that is my lovely sister-in-law, Michelle. 

Let me tell you a little about her...
From the first time I met her, I didn't like her. Not really! Hehe!
But you know what I mean, she is "that girl" that everyone hates to love because they are not only extremely cute, they are also extremely sweet...which is extremely irritating! :) 

My brother was raising his baby girl, Chloe, as a single father when Michelle walked into their life and brightened up everything. She didn't have to but she took Chloe in and raised her as her own. Even still through the tough teenage years! : ) 

I believe her most valuable attribute is that she is a believer in Christ and strives to use the gifts He has given her to help bless & provide for their family. 

And He has definitely gifted this girl. My goodness, anything she touches turns to cuteness. 

She has done the most adorable birthday parties for Chloe and their newest addition, Cadence. 

She makes the most incredible cakes! 

She is also a very talented photographer and can shoot anything from Weddings to Pregnancies to Newborns. :) 

And now she is conquering the world of home decorating 
with her beautiful wreaths.

I'm telling you, you cannot find this kind of wreath at 
Hobby Lobby or Michael's. 

Hers just have that extra touch that makes 
each one unique and special. 

See, I told you you wouldn't like her. ; )

 I am just so very proud to call her my sister and thankful to share a love of the Lord (and crafting) with her!

Visit her Etsy shop, Southern Grace of Texas, to see her lovely collection! 

And follow her photography page on Facebook!

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