Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Have I mentioned that I LOVE squirrels? Well, I do. 
They are good luck. Did you know that?
I saw one in college right before an exam and I got an A! Whoop! 

Anyway, this little guy immediately caught my eye as he was swinging from the branches outside my window at work.  I have named him Romeo and appointed him our new "Moda Mascot."
He has definitely got some sorta feva' goin on here so I found this song fitting! 

I was trying to come up with some clever names for some of his moves. Got any ideas? I love the hanging upside down move and especially the tail shake at the end. 

What the heck do you think got into him?

I hope he comes back soon. This was definitely the highlight of my day, week and maybe month. I don't get out much. 

P.S. - Sorry for the crummy video, guess the iPhone really isn't ALL that and a bag of chips! Looks better on the phone ; ) 

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  1. I think he is twitterpated. When my son was 4, we were watching a male squirrel outside of our dining room window. He would find a female, take her to our oak tree, have his way with her and then go and find another female. He did this four or five times. My son was fascinated and it offered up some interesting conversation. On one of his trips to find his next lady, he was hit by a car in front of our house. My son was devastated and stood by the side of the road, waiting for his Dad to come and make him better. I could not get him to leave the squirrel, who was definitely dead. He had to go to the bathroom, so we went inside for just a moment. When we came back, the squirrel was gone. To this day, I think he believes he recovered. I think our wonderful neighbor, a grandfatherly type, removed the squirrel.