Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stash Study & A Giveaway, Oh My!

Calling all Stashaholics, Stashmasters & Stashonistas.
We just got these amazing new Art Bin storage containers at work and I just can't help but want them ALL! I mean, don't you???

Love this one... it's Magnetic!

So, as you know, I am somewhat of a beginner. Oh who am I kidding- I am a complete beginner! But I blame this on the fact that I don't have ample supplies to really do much. ; )

So here's where my Stash Study comes in. As a beginner I don't know what all kinds of stuff I really need to stash up on. I am hoping you can help me out here.

Sure I could just ask everyone I work with, but where's the fun in that?
I want to know what you guys think!

Because we are friends and I like you alot AND because I need your help here...I will be giving away a Charm Pack of the fun NEW fabric line called OH MY!
It won't even be in stores for a little while so you are really getting a sneak treat!

So if you'd like to enter all ya gotta do is leave a comment giving up your best stash tips...for both Fabric & Notions.
Now that I have these amazing storage boxes I have to fill them up!

NOTIONS: Give me the must haves & the probably should haves! 

FABRICS: I tend to only buy pre-cuts, mostly Charm Packs and Layer Cakes but then I use 'em all up!
Give me the scoop... How much do I need if I LOVE it? How about if I just Like it?
Is a fat quarter enough?

Give me the truth, I can take it.

I would love to give the Charm Pack to my favorite entry but apparently that isn't fair.
So I will do the random drawing on Friday March 4th!


  1. Fabric tip...I know precuts are easy, but it's time to get out of your comfort zone and start putting your own selection of fabrics together. You can start small, but my attitude is that a fat quarter is never enough unless you're making a many colored quilt or just need a tiny bit of something. I would start out buying 1/2 yard of fabrics you just like and at least a yard of fabrics you LOVE, especially if it's a fabric that would be really versitile.

  2. One of my favortie notions is the Clover magnetic pin holder with cover, I have one for each machine and one in my to go bag. Love the cover and shape. Alex Anderson 4 in 1 tool is the next must have. Wish I would have had one sooner, I use everyone of those tools alot. As far as fabric stash, you are on your own, most all of us are fabricholics. Sometimes we buy it with no intentions of ever using it! Just to look at it.

  3. Ok for notions you of course NEED needles and basic machine thread.... but its no fun to just have that!!! Get yourself some buttons to sew randomly on finished projects. A few buttons on some flowers look really really cute... You also want fun thread to accent stuff with. you need cute little needle threader... ive never used mine but dang it who could pass up the apple, cherry, and grape threaders for 3 bucks??? LOL!

    Fabric- if you like it buy it !!! At least a yard, more if you can afford it, you would be amazed at home many different quilts you can stick that one fabric in and it will look different every single time. If you just kinda like it... a fat quarter will be fine.

    And buy all the pre cuts u want!!! I LOVE THEM!!! if there is a pattern in that layer cake i like, i grab more off the bolt. but i love me some layer cakes n charm packs!

  4. Fabric-If you LOVE it, get at least 2 yards. If you just like it, a yard or less will do. If you think you might want to use it for a backing 3-5 yards,

    Tools: I love my 6" square ruler and my 12" square. Most blocks I make are either 6" or 12" so they are quite handy! Make sure you have a great seam ripper, just in case you need to do some reverse sewing. :P And a great light source too! My room has only an overhead light, so I have a floor lamp that goes over my work area.

    Hope this helps!
    sandy A

  5. Wow..where do I start? A fat quarter is never enough, but MANY are much better...same with charm packs. I am a charm pack addict. I love using them and of course collecting them is just as much fun. Many times you have a couple left and so I make small quilted square pin cushions from Sherry Falls darn cute and all sewers can never have enough pin cushions on hand...great little gifts too. Storage??..I collect the newest and cutesy storage gadgets. The little pink magnetic one shown would be a big hit for me...I have one like that, but it is not magnetic. Anything works as long as you can access it and remember where you put it...all relevant.

  6. I LOVE precuts too! I'm also a beginner, so maybe that's why we love them so much?

    Make sure you buy something you love from the line of your precuts for the backing ;)

  7. Notions? A quality seam ripper is a MUST at my house! And then the obvious go along....a good pair of reading/magnifying glasses so I can see to do that frog stitching! (rip-it rip-it)
    Fabric? I fq'd myself into a corner and now that I know better I don't have as much room for my stash as I would like. LOVE LOVE LOVE the precuts because it lets me sit and sew when I get a minute or two or ten.
    I only by more than a yard of something if it is a blending/neutral or a backing for a specific I said I FQ'd myself out of space!! LOL!!

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  9. Scissors, you can never have enough scissors. I love storage compartments also, I will have the pink magnetic one. Thanks for sharing

  10. Good Morning once again...guess besides mentioning I am a new follower, I could have mentioned my favorite 'stash' item happens to be jelly-rolls! LOL!! I am completely facinated with the fact that they are all 'pre-cut', come in all shapes, sizes and colors,and have endless possibilities! One can NEVER have too many jellyrolls!

  11. Your questions are very valuable! I had to sit here and really thinka bout what I couldn't live without. Here's my notions list(w/links) that I use daily:

    Dritz seam ripper

    Omnigrid 4" X 14" ruler w/rotary cutter etc.

    Clover pins fine flower head

    Best Press

    Probably should have these notions:
    magnetic needle holder
    6" X 24" omnigrid ruler
    good 'fabric' only scissors

    Fabric purchasing?
    hmm for me it depends on what I am buying fabric for.
    If I just want some to have it just in case (like Dr. Suess) then I buy FQ's of each print from the Fat Quarter Shop etc.
    IF I want fabric for a backing I buy 4-6 yards minimum.
    If I am stash building I buy 1/2 yards (japanese prints, solids, Monaluna basics, colorwheel fabric that could coordinate w/other fabrics)
    Background prints I always buy 3 yards minimum unless the pattern calls for more.
    I too LOVE pre-cuts and MODA is my FAVORITE of all time. I have a great respect for all things Moda :) I buy atleast one pre-cut of each new line that appeals to me. I really do.
    Yes my stash is vast, yes I love it. And no I won't be destashing anytime soon.
    I have found that my tastes have changed over the years...yet when I am looking for a specific color of fabric that I can dig into the fat quarter stash that I have and find something that works. That is extremely satisfying. I love the matchy matchy of precuts but I also love coordinating my own. Hmm I think I just love fabric LOL

  12. good scissors for fabric and paper are a must! keep them away from everyone! if you are left-handed as I am, don't forget to purchase left-handed scissors.
    I keep each project I'm working on in a separate tote/tote bag, usually diiferent colors so I can grab it quick without much thought. I also keep a separate storage case for notions for each type of sewing, is quilting, hand sewing/embroidery, wool work, etc.
    best of all, have your imagination brewing at all times!

  13. Hello,
    Start now before your stash gets out of hand and develop a storage system so you can see what you have. I have shelves with my fabric all folded to the same size. The fabric is sorted by color. This has helped me so much when I begin a new project so I can shop my stash first. I used my 8 inch ruler to fold the fabric around to get the consistent size.

    As far as how much fabric to buy- I think you need 1/2-1 yard for stash building. You also need to invest in a lot of neutrals! Don't forget them.

  14. Great containers AND prices for sure! Now, you need to buy a few extra bobbins, so you aren't wasting that expensive thread when you change colors.

    Second, get a few extra packs of needles. You really do want to change your needle after every 8 hours of sewing time.

    Pick up an inexpensive fabric turner/creaser. Those are handy to have next to your sewing machine.

    As for fabrics, it is probably a good idea to get an extra 2 yards of complimentary fabric with those charm packs & layer cakes, so you can add inner & outer borders. Any leftover fabric is a lovely history of projects gone by...

    Have fun!!

  15. I like to purchase a quarter "YARD" instead of a FQ. More uses for it...

  16. Scissors, rotary cutter, mat, and ruler, Clover brand seam ripper, magnetic pin cushion, extra bobbins... I buy 1/2 yard cuts of fabrics I like, but I usually wish I had a full yard or more of them.

  17. Think about the kind of quilts or projects you want to make. I have stopped buying FQs because, inevitably, it is the perfect fabric and I don't have enough. Tote bags require at least 2 yards, pillowcases require 3/4s of a yard so I am tending towards the yard range. It seems like a lot of fabric, though. You don't need to build a stash if you don't shop in your stash. If you are happy with pre-cuts then work through that phase until you are done with it.


  18. Notions: Good rotary cutter, extra blades. Pins? Some flat flower head and a Grabbit pin catcher with regular pins, mixed in. A Grabbit holder (holds a Surefine pencil, seam ripper, stiletto, snips, and extra pencils and the Grabbit, with a handle so you can take it from your machine to cutting area). A thread catcher made with your fav fat quarter (I have a pattern if you want) and lots of pretty thread and bobbins. Buttons are good to stash, and trims and ric rac. You never know when you need them. Good machine needles and hand needles. You need lots of them. As for fabric, anything and everything that catches your eye, matches something else, or your decor or is such a good price you can't live without it. The larger bins are great for WIPs and BOMs. I want more info about the pink fabric storage thing, and then I can tell you what to put in it.

  19. Hummm...

    Some of the notions I can't live without are my Clover seam ripper. I swear I thought there cannot be any real difference between these little things until I bought the Clover one and WOW! Also, I have a little pair of sissors that are spring loaded... I can't for the life of me think of who made them I got them years ago. I have seen several different styles that would all serve the same purpose and have given several pairs to folks starting out quilting. They are THE BEST for sitting beside my sewing machine to clip treads. They are not fabric cutting. And while I'm talking about them I have this neat suction cup magnet that sticks to my machine that they stick to. If I ever upgrade to a fancy machine I will have to find a better method.

    Fabric - well. I just finished a Fabric Diet and it's given me some perspective on my stash. I love fabric but it piles up and as I read one time it can be like clothes - in and and out of style. That made me think. For the fabric I have I love Polar Notions mini bolts. Then I have all this in tough boxes but the bolts allow me to see everything I have instead of it being all stacked up on top of each other where I can't get to it.

    So there you go!

  20. !!!! CHOCOLATE AND PRETTY SCENTED CANDLES !!!! Always helps me out in emergencies.... my id is seapupp, but I can't figure out the url thing here

  21. I like to use glass head pins. They won't melt if you iron touches it. Also couldn't live without my rotary cutter, ruler and mat. I also like precuts, but it is fun to find a focus fabric and then find others to go with it. I bought a Dymo labeler and use it to put on my plastic containers with different project, drawers, etc. Very handy gadget.

  22. You need lots of different types of thread and definitely more fabric besides pre-cuts. If you like something, buy a 1/3 yard --- I find that's a more useful size than a fat quarter. you will find that buying the things you like, you will have a lot of variety that is more interesting and artistic, not so matchy-matchy. I also love Clover self-threading needles. Great for burying threads when machine quilting.

  23. LOVE ArtBin Super Satchels for storing bits and pieces.

    I'm enjoying reading all of the comments here and agree that third of a yard cuts are good when you just need a little bit. If you find a fabric that you love, get at least 3 yards. If you like it, get at least 1 yard. :-) I must really love and like a lot of fabrics. LOL ;-)

    Pre-cuts are great, but your projects will have more personality if you mix in lots of other fabrics, too.

  24. My fav notion is the circle cutter I just got from Olfa at their booth. It'll make cutting those cute yo-yo's accessories so easy!

  25. I find it handy to take photos of my fabrics for a project on my phone. Then when at a quilt store I can match coordinating fabrics. If I just like a fabric I usually get 1 yd. Fat quarter stash is great for small projects, piecing and applique. I just love to look at them. Always take advantage of fabric sales!!

  26. My favorite notion is the biais thing by Clover, got all sizes and the Martelli rotary cuter really ... must have!!!!
    I love pre-cut ... a yard pre-cut :) well if I take a smaller piece you can be sure that it would be the fabric I need for border or sashing so.....