Wednesday, August 28, 2013

EMMALINE Bride Feature

My Wedding Quilt was featured on Emmaline Bride's Blog yesterday! 

It was such a fun post too. 
They gave Wedding Gift Ideas from A to Z and they were all such cute ideas!
This whimsical bride and groom illustration is by lovebirds

Here are a few of my other favorites... 

Champagne Tub by susabella

I love this sweet drawing by jolly edition so much. 

A dear friend of ours, Kayli,  did this watercolor of Steven and me for our wedding invitation 
and the original is hanging in our home.  :) 

Embroidery Hoop by the merriweather council

Horeshoes by heartifacts gallery

 Tree Swing by blue fox willow 

Ok, that was more than a few but it was too hard to pick!! 
Check out the Emmaline Bride blog for the full A to Z wedding gift guide. 
There are so many more cute things!

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