Monday, August 19, 2013

Sarah & Michael's Wedding

I would like to introduce you to another lovely couple that 
I had the honor of making a Wedding Quilt for. 

This is Sarah & Michael... 

Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and I love every last detail of it! 
Make sure to visit her photographer's blog to see all of their beautiful photos. 

Sarah was sweet enough to share a bit of their love story and some details from their Big Day with us! 

Me and my new husband met our Fall semester of our Senior year of high school in our equine science class. We have been together for almost five years now and we are extremely happy. Things have been a bit difficult for the past year and a half since he's been stationed in Japan but he comes back to the states in December and we will be able to be together then.

 Our wedding was June 1, 2013 at the Robert Carr Chapel in Fort Worth TX and our 
reception was at The Fort Worth Club.

Everything turned out better than I could've ever imagined! It was amazing! All of our vendors were amazing and everything came together beautifully. 
My favorite part of the whole day was when my husband and I got to our reception. They had a little room set up with champagne and hors d'oeuvres for just the two of us. So we went back there when we first got to the reception and we were able to just sit together and have a private moment to soak it all in. It was amazing :)

The wedding quilt was perfect for us. We chose to have the wedding quilt used as our "guest book" at our reception because we loved the idea of all of our loved ones writing us a message that we would be able to display and look at more frequently than a regular guest book. We were so happy that we were able to have the quilt. It is something that is very special to us that we can see us passing down to our children. 

My fiancé loved the idea of having the quilt because of how special and different it is. It is so special to us because it was written on by all of our loved ones. Being able to see someone's handwriting is just something special. With all of the letter that my husband and I have written to each other we truly understand how comforting it can be to see someone's handwriting when you're missing them.

I got:

My dress: Stardust Celebrations. I had an AMAZING consultant there named Liz Castaneda. Anyone who chooses to go to Stardust to look for their special gown should ask for Liz.

Shoes: I got my gorgeous pink Valentino bow shoes from Nordstrom's.

Flowers and Decor: Tami Winn Events did all of my flowers and all of the decor. Tami was also my wedding planner and I have no idea how I would've done everything without her. She was absolutely amazing. 

Photographer: Tracy Autem/ Lightly Photography. She was amazing also! She got every shot I could've dreamed of. 


Thank  you to  Tracy Autem Photography for providing all of the beautiful photos from Sarah & Michael's wedding.

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