Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School Inspiration

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be going back to school this semester. I graduated from Texas A&M (Whoop!) in 2007 with a BBA in Finance. I know... boring! But it was "practical"! ; ) Anyway, after graduating I immediately went to work at my mom's quilt shop. I did all of her marketing and updated her website and pretty much anything she needed me to do. Through working for her I taught myself how to use Photoshop and other graphic programs. I loved it!

Anyway, after she lost the shop during hurricane Ike I was worried I wouldn't find a job in graphics since my degree was in FINANCE! I contacted our sales rep from Moda, Jim Salinas, and asked him if there were any positions open. At the time there were none but a few months later (and after alot of prayer) a graphic arts spot opened up in the notions dept! I was excited but also worried that I would not do a good job since I did not go to school for this. Well, it is has been almost two years now and they haven't fired me yet! Woohoo! ; )

I do love my job but there is still so much for me to learn. This is why I have decided to take a few classes this semester.

The thing that has gotten me the most excited about going back to school is this Bow Tie Pouch!
First of all, it has a BOW on it. Second of all, it is my favorite color. Third of all, it has a FREE tutorial.

I know this wasn't designed to be a laptop case but I am converting it into one.
Can't wait to make this precious pouch to tote my MACbaby to and from class!
Ok, now the fun part... What fabrics will I use?!

I love the yellow from Hometown but I really LOVE the numbers & letters from Circa 1934. I think that would be cute for back to school. Ok, how about the yellow for the outside and the numbers or letters for the inside?
I just HAVE to find something to make with those numbers!
I have been drooling over them since they came out. Any ideas?

I will definitely be using the Soft & Stable that I used on my first laptop cover.

 It worked so well and they have now come out with a new white one which will be great with lighter fabrics.

Gosh I hope they don't give us homework this week because it looks like I have weekend plans. ; ) 


  1. I think the Circa prints scream "laptop!"

  2. You have to put the typewriter keys on it somewhere - after all your laptop has a typewriter somewhere in its ancestry ;)

  3. This is very exciting (the school part)!! I also LOVE the bow pouch!

  4. Oooh! The vintage looking typewriter keys would be so fun to use, even if you make a 'faux' keyboard' with them for the top :)!!! Love the Circa prints!!
    Jen xo