Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pretty Pretty Pincushion

Is it just me or has the quilting world exhausted all measures in an attempt to make every style of pincushion imaginable?

Believe me, I'm not complaining!  I LOVE me some pincushions!
That's why I am dedicating this blog to them alone.

I have the most precious cupcake pincushion at home that this sweet lady made for me but I am thinking I want to make one myself. And since we all know I have the attention span of a goldfish and I only like projects that I can finish within one day I figure I CAN DO THIS!

Here are some of my favs...
Wouldn't these Strawberries from Fig Tree be so cute for summer?

And my gosh! Heather Baily, you are just too cute. Really! How perfect is that "Fresh Picked" Pear?
Especially in these Adorable new Sophie fabrics by Chez Moi!
Love, love, love them!

I think I may buy that Effie & Ollie Elephant pattern and make him outta the blue floral.

The next few patterns I like are actually FREE! 
Just click on the pic for the Free Pattern Download!

This precious Peppermint Swirl is by Camille Roskelley
and compliments of the delicious Moda Bakeshop

Since I can't use it to make cupcakes or muffins I might as well use it for this! ; )

Anna Maria Horner- another amazing pattern/fabric designer!
(i know, i know... not Moda but hey I love bright fabrics and I don't discriminate folks)

This one just makes me happy- I really like yellow!
It reminds me of my favorite scene in the movie You've Got Mail where Meg Ryan says, "I love daisies! Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower??" My favorite movie! (smile & a sigh)
What is your favorite movie/flower? 

 OK, so which one do YOU think I should make? 
Do you have a Favorite pincushion that you can't live without?

And just to make you smile...

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  1. Sadly, my favorite movie is not romantic, but scary. I do love my felted woolie pincushion and my Clover magnetic with a lid. I can't wait to see a Sophie elephant!