Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I follow several blogs that feature a "What.I.Wore" on Wednesdays.
Well I don't LOVE my wardrobe but I do love other peoples! So I am going to feature a "" Wednesday.
 You will find a few other "wishes" as well ; ) 

If I had to pick one celebs style I would absolutely die for, it would without a doubt be Zooey Deschanel.
How one person can look so glam in literally any style
absolutely amazes me.
And that HAIR! One day I will get the courage to have those bangs.

All images from Pinterest.

Love this outfit from Casey Wiegand's "what.I.wore"

and I may or may not have just bought this neclace.

this dress has been haunting me since I saw it on Lisa's blog...
What I love about these girls is how they mix their outfits so well. Like jeans from Anthro, shirt from H&M and cardigan and shoes from Target. Now if I could afford Zooey's wordrobe, I would be all over that! But for now, a mix of Anthro & Target will have to do.

Now I would like you to MEET LAUREN.

She is a dear friend who has impeccable taste and style who has agreed to be my personal shopper when I hit the jackpot one of these days ; )

Lauren, I hope you are taking notes...

She has an awesome blog that you should definitely visit it right now. 
Check out her great styles & tips.

What do you WISH you wore today?


  1. I knew a little bird was telling me to come on over to your blog! You are so sweet! I am really going to have to be on my A game from now on!!

  2. These pics look like perfect picks for Pinning on Pinterest. :) I got your comment and just sent you your invite to Pinterest! I am also a new follower. Thank you so much for visiting!