Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lovin' Little Apples & Week 3

photo creds at bottom
This has to be my favorite block so far! (out of ALL 4, ya know ; )  )
Ever since I first saw the Little Apples fabric line I have been in love. 
It is just so bright and cheery, isn't it?
The little outfits and precious patterns just stir up happiness. 

My other block this week is actually my least favorite. The colors just don't do it for me. I picked them out so quickly during class - trying to stay up with the gang(read about these overachievers here). Oh Well!! It's certainly not changing! I don't hate it THAT much. Suuuurely it will blend with some of the other blocks I make months down the road! And if not... tough! : )  

Here are the blocks from some of the rest of our group! Not too shabby huh?
It is really neat seeing everyone's unique style.
I love that I work somewhere where our differences are actually encouraged.

Oh Oh! I also found some things I MUST have.
A rotating cutting mat & a little baby rotary cutter!
Jamie was just whipping her pieces right out! JEALOUS!

Ok, let me describe to you what trying to sew in a house with 3 girls AND 3 dogs looks like.
With 3 of us- a stationary sewing area is out of the question so...
1st step: Go upstairs and get giant cutting mat out from under my bed
2nd: Carefully carry the mat down the stairs avoiding the dogs who think going down the stairs is a RACE, everytime!
3rd: If I survive step 2 then I place gargantuan mat on our small kitchen table and proceed to try to cut out those ity bitty pieces with my very large cutter. You get the gist.

**They do say Everything is Bigger in Texas!
Well NOT anymore...
 I am getting these little babies asap!

After a little research I have decided I like these best. They are a good size and a really good price!
(ps... Jamie taught us a secret about this mat. If you say "Weeeeeeeee" everytime you spin it you will have GOOD LUCK! Or at least a smile on your face while you cut!)  = )

Do you have any notions you think I can't live without? 
Don't hold out on me quilters. I need to know your secrets. ; ) 
Many Blessings and a Happy Weekend to you all!


  1. If you go for the mini cutter get the ergonomical one, when you press down there's a shield! Yeah did that one.
    You also need clover bias maker when you get ready to bind that baby!
    There's also the folding Olfa cutting mat and iron pad, folds up to carry to class etc, and you can easily switch it around. Not as fun as "weeeeeee" but it works. ;)

  2. I have a 1/4" foot that has a guide built onto it. It's not standard on all machines, so I don't know if you have one, but if not...GET IT! You'll be a serious speed demon with a perfect 1/4" seam.

  3. How about a mini ironing station to go with it? Pick up a lazy susan (you know, a turny thing for the spices in your kitchen) and cover it with batting and then a piece of fabric larger enough to cover plus 2 inches all around. Use a gather stitch an inch from the edge (really LONG ones) that you pull taught around the bottom of the lazy and voila! ANOTHER WEEEEEE surface:)

  4. Love the suggestion for the mini ironing station using the lazy susan. Just make sure that you use cotton batting and not the poly stuff.

  5. The weeeeee just cracked me up! You should also get a walking foot for quilting. I got one 2 yrs ago and it makes it all so much easier. Same with the 1/4 foot!